Daoist Spirit & Mind Medicine - Serge Augier

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Daoist Spirit & Mind Medicine - Serge Augier

Postby eddie mush on Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:10 pm

I'm very happy to invite anyone to participate in this second seminar in Daoist Medicine with Serge Augier (Urban Daoist) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Shen Psychopathology and Treatments

In Daoism, the Shen (mind & spirit) is very well studied.
The Daoist Medicine has a specialty in recognizing and treating Mind Deficiency, difficult personalities and Psychological problems.

That will be the goal of this seminar:

- Learn about the Mind and its components

- discover Daoist shamanic and practical balancing treatments for the Spirit

- Acquire the 5 elements usages and treatments for the Mind

One day will be teachings and theories, learning all about the Daoist vision of the Mind.

We will study the ways to enhance and balance it.

The theories will be to get a Shen Stronger when it is healthy and to balance it when it is Weaken or Stressed.

The next day will be full of practical treatments, test and Application.

All the practical usages of the Daoist medicine for the Shen will be demonstrated and practiced.

This will be good and useful for all, professionals and beginners.


Water, tea and coffee will be provided, as well as fruit and snacks.

Lunch will not be provided.

Teaching will be in english

Scandic Kødbyen
Skelbækgade 3A, 1717 Copenhagen

Price: 3000 dkr. / 400e
Spaces will be limited
Contact me if you want to reserve a spot.

martinlr (at) hotmail (dot) com
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