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Dear T'ai Chi extended family,

These zoom sessions are an opportunity to follow different leaders at all levels of practice and to encourage the sharing of ideas from across the range of schools of Professor Cheng’s T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

You are of course welcome to just attend the form, but we hope you will stay for the discussions organised by Mike Ward and Redmond Entwistle, either on an element of T’ai Chi practice or on an aspect of Chinese culture related to Professor Cheng.

We hope that you will continue to join these sessions in the spirit of fellowship and scholarship.

And please share the details of the sessions with your students, classmates and teachers.

Forum Archive
June 30th 2021

The 8 Ways (Part 1) -
Steven Rose introduced the 8 Ways (or Methods), a set of exercices that Professor Cheng taught Shr Jung, NY students.

June 23rd 2021

Recovery from Injury and T'ai Chi -
Three T'ai Chi players, Judyth Weaver, Carolyn Hoffmann and Kristine Hallisy with experience in therapeutic and clinical practice discussed how they have used aspects of T'ai Chi for personal and patient rehabilitation, with a particular focus on alignment and central equilibrium.

June 16th 2021

Women and Push-Hands (part 2) -
A follow-up disucssion with the panelists to answer questions from the audience and deepen the conversation begun in last week's discussion.

Guidelines for practicing Tui Shou (Sensing Hands) with a Partner from Pat Corrigan Culotti: ... sp=sharing

Principles for teaching Push Hands from Liam Comerford: ... sp=sharing

June 9th 2021

Women and Push-Hands (part 1) -
The first of a two-part conversation between five senior female T'ai Chi players reflecting on their experiences in push hands.

Mirjam Duyser (moderating), Masha Entchevitch, René Houtrides, Lori Mazan and Jean Westcott will be discussing their experiences in learning and practicing Push Hands, the particular experience of women in push hands, and how to encourage and create the possibillity for wider participation in this key element of T'ai Chi practice

June 2nd 2021

The Thirteen Postures - Open Discusion -
As a follow-up to the previous presentations by Steve Rose, Hal Mosher, and Russ Mason, we held an open discussion to share ideas and perspectives on 'The Thirteen Postures'. Russ Mason began the discussion with an introduction to the fundamentals of the Thirteen Postures. First Third led by Anne Gricevich.

May 31st 2021

Maggie Newman's 97th Birthday Celebration -
To honour Maggie Newman, one of Professor Cheng's six senior students in New York, who was 97 this month, we showed a series of unseen clips of interviews and teaching moments with Maggie, as well as letters and stories from her peers.

Instructions for buying the Maggie Newman Archives on “Vimeo”. Proceeds from the sale will be forwarded to Maggie’s Retirement Fund
Click to website on your browser
Join Vimeo, it’s free: you’ll use your email address, and create a password
You can watch the Trailer and click to buy both Archive videos for $50
A window will open to guide you through the purchase, using a credit card or PayPal
Once you’ve purchased the Archives, Vimeo will send you an email receipt with a click link back to their website
Log in using your email address and password, then watch Archive I or II
Repeat watching whenever you like
If you wish to donate directly to Maggie's retirement fund contributions in any amount may be sent to Mark Westcott ([email protected]) by Paypal or check.

May 19th 2021

The Thirteen Postures: Opening and Closing the Form -
As part of our series exploring the Thirteen Postures, Russ Mason discussed three of the wu bu: Look Left, Gaze Right, and Central Equilibrium, with a particular emphasis on the opening and closing movements of Professor Cheng's form. First Third led by George Chiang.

May 12th 2021

Growing Chinese Medicinal Plants -
Jessica Curl Rose walked us through her medicinal garden which grows herbs for Chinese medicine in Northern California. You can read more about Jessica's institute here: https://threespringsinstitute.wordpress ... -medicine/. First Third led by Pat Kenny.

May 5th 2021

Acupuncture Points in T’ai Chi -
Daniel Altschuler gave the first of a short series of lectures on some of the acupuncture points of relevance to T’ai Chi practice. First Third led by Stanley Ou Yang. PDF of Daniel's presentation ... sp=sharing

April 30th 2021

The T'ai Chi Classics -
We looked at the T'ai Chi Classics and ways to engage with them. First Third led by Mirjam Duyser. Resource list from Russ Mason ... sp=sharing

April 23rd 2021

I Ching: An Introduction to the Chinese Book of Changes -
What is the I Ching all about? What are its origins, and how has it been used through the centuries? Presented by Barbara Davis. First Third led by Will Morrison.

April 14th 2021

The Thirteen Postures: Hal Mosher on The Thirteen Postures as Neigung Training for T'ai Chi Ch'uan -
Hal Mosher gave the first part of his presentation on the thirteen postures, focusing on the five attitudes; advance, retreat, look left, look right and central equilibrium and their relationship to Ward Off and Peng Jin.

April 7th 2021

Reminiscence on Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, Part 2 -
Ben Lo was Professor Cheng's first student in Taiwan in 1949, and then moved to the US to teach T'ai Chi in 1974. As many students of Ben's wanted to share their memories of Ben last month, we arranged a follow-up forum for more people to share their stories.
Ben Lo resource list from Russ Mason ... sp=sharing
List of articles by Ben, compiled by Julian Chu ... sp=sharing
Website set up by Julian to collect stories of Ben ... njamin-lo/ Please contact Julien if you have a story about Ben that you would like to have on the website.

March 31st 2021

Exploring Stability -
We asked three experienced practitioners to discuss their understanding of how fine stability can be and the principles and attention it requires. After they spoke we opemed it up for everyone to share their experience. First Third led by Richard Iannuzzi.

March 24th 2021

Conversation with Judyth Weaver -
Judyth Weaver discussed her life in T'aI Chi and the links with her other areas of expertise in dance and movement therapy. Judyth was a student at Shr Jung in NY, of Patrick Watson, and Ben Lo's first student in the US, as well as a movement therapist and classical and Japanese dancer.

March 17th 2021

Kinetic Chains and T'ai Chi Practice -
Osteopath Dr John Toerge applied his clinical understanding of human physiology and movement to T'ai Chi, with a particular focus on muscle contraction, the anatomy of the hip and pelvis, kinetic chains, and gait characteristics. First Third led by Bret Hall.

March 10th 2021

Open Forum -
Participants shared their ideas and questions about the forum and their practice. FIrst Third led by Joan Harris-Ternovan.

March 3rd 2021

The Thirteen Postures: Steven Rose on the Four Cardinal Directions (P'eng, Lu, Chi, An) -
Steven Rose began our series on the Thirteen Postures with a presentation on the first four postures, Peng, Lu, Ji, An. First third led by Danielle Joy.

February 24th 2021

Reminiscence on Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo -
Ben Lo was Professor Cheng's first student in Taiwan in 1949, and then moved to the US to teach T'ai Chi in 1974. A number of his senior students shared stories of Ben and his teaching.

February 17th 2021

The Constant Bear -
A number of senior practitioners shared their practice and understanding of the exercise Professor Cheng called The Constant Bear. First third led by Beth Rosenfeld and Lee Fife.

February 10th 2021

Principles Discussion: Relax (Part 2) -
A follow-up discussion with presentations on the principle of 'relax'. First third led by Jano Cohen.

February 3rd 2021

The Three Internal Arts: T'ai-chi, Pakua, and Hsing-i -
T’ai Chi is one of three ‘internal’ martial arts.
Russ Mason gave an overview of the three arts, and William Tucker discussed his journey learning all three in Taiwan and Mainland China. First third led by Len Kennedy.

January 27th 2021

Principles Discussion: Relax (Part 1)-
Continuing the series of discussions on the T’ai Chi principles, we will focus this week on the meaning and practice of the principle to relax. First third led by Carolyn Hoffman.

Wed 20th January 2021

Tai Chi and Music -
Long time Tai Chi practitioners and musicians Fred Willette, Barry Warsaw and Mark Dresser shared their insights into the connections between their Tai Chi and musical practices. First third led by Fred Willette.

Wed 13th January 2021

Professor Cheng’s Massages -
A demonstration by Natasha Gorky Young of the massages taught to the students at Shr Jung, NY.
Please get in touch if you would like a copy of the massage diagrams.
Diagram of head massages from Katy Cheng ... sp=sharing

Wed 6th January 2021

The Yin-Yang Symbol and the T’ai Chi Form -
A few experienced practitioners shared how they relate the Tai Chi symbol to different postures in the T’ai Chi form. First third led by Tom Daly.

Wed 16th December 2020

Xmas Special: John Thompson presenting the guqin -
In a departure from T’ai Chi related discussions and as a way to celebrate the end of the year and five months of the forum, we have invited John Thompson of the New York Qin Society to present the guqin.

Wed 9th December

Show and Tell: Favourite T’ai Chi books and articles -
We invited everyone to bring and show their most cherished books and articles on T’ai Chi, including texts for beginners, classics and rarities. First third led by Kayo Robertson.
A list of all of the books mentioned with publication details is available on request.

Wed 2nd December

Conversation with Robert Chuckrow -
Robert Chuckrow, who was a student of Professor Cheng's in New York, in conversation about his new book ’T’ai Chi - Natural Movement, Concealed Strength’.

Wed 25th November

Principles: Beautiful Lady’s Hand -
As part of our open discussions on T’ai Chi principles, we discussed ‘Beautiful Lady’s Hand'. First third led by Jon Lears.

Wed 18th November

Conversation with Katy and Patrick Cheng -
Professor Cheng’s daughter Katy presented some of her father’s paintings and poetry. She was then joined by her brother Patrick to discuss their experiences learning T’ai Chi with their father.

Wed 11th November

'Chinese Medicine and T’ai Chi, Part 2’ - (please be patient and we will have the link up soon)
Daniel Altschuler’s introduction to the basics of Chinese herbal medicine and analysis of prescriptions made by Professor Cheng. First third led by Richard Chew.

Wed 4th November

T’ai Chi and Chinese philosophy - 'Shr Jung’ -
This was the first of our discussions exploring the wider context of T’ai Chi in Chinese philosophy. First third led by Michael Lan

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday,

Mike and Redmond


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