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I am pleased to share that Philippe Cattan, disciple of the Da Xuan Tradition of Master Serge Augier, will be in Toronto on Saturday January 28 2023 to give a full day seminar on applying the Nei Gong of the Daxuan Tradition to the Yang family Tai Ji Quan form.

All the events are in the event description, but for those of you who do not use Facebook:


Internal Alchemy in Motion, for Martial Arts, Vitality, Healing

Join us for a full day seminar on Saturday, January 28, where we learn how to apply Yang style Tai Ji to train and develop Nei Gong qualities. This seminar comes from the BA MEN DA XUAN Tradition of Master Serge Augier, and is led by disciple Philippe Cattan.

We will see:

- Presentation of the Daxuan school

- Importance of physical training (Wai Gong) to develop the body, so that it can stock the Qi we generate in internal practice

- A few key variations in the training, to better adapt movements to each person’s specific physical and Wai Gong needs

- What is Nei Gong? How do we train it? What are we looking to develop?
- Nei Gong for health and vitality
- Nei Gong to build power for internal martial arts like Tai Ji
- Nei Gong for clinicians: building qualities for better acupuncture, massage and Daoist Medicine treatments

- Breath training (Building Qi)
- How to breathe, according to the clan Daoist Tradition
- The different types of breathing and their purposes
- How to put the breathing into the movements, to make the form internal

- Tai Ji: from choreography to internal training
- Using the movements from the form as a means of transforming the body into a powerful Qi battery
- How to “Keep” the effects of training, so the Qi stays in the system and improves the baseline health of our body, mind and energy


About Philippe Cattan:

Disciple of the Da Xuan clan Daoist school, under the guidance of Master Serge AUGIER, inheritor of the Tradition. Philippe teaches the Daoist cultivation methods of the Da Xuan school (work on the body, breath and mind), since 2012.

He studies and practices both Traditional Chinese and Daoist Medicine, as well as the other arts of the school, such as internal martial arts, Feng Shui and Ba Zi, since 2004.

He has earned a M.Sc in Daoist Medicine, the 6 year Ba Men TCM Diploma, a B.Sc in TCM and Acupuncture, and has completed extensive training in other fields of Daoist Medicine. Philippe also teaches degree programs in TCM and Daoist Medicine as a professor of WUCM.


About Master Serge Augier, inheritor to the Ba Men Da Xuan Tradition:

Master Serge AUGIER is the heir of the Daoist tradition “Da Xuan”, which was passed from China to France by Master Wang Tian Xian, his master.
This tradition has a precise lineage, dating from the year 510 in Kunlun.

He teaches and practices the five arts of his Daoist School:

• The Cultivation of Human Qualities (body-breath-mind)
• Knowledge of World Changes (Yi Jing)
• The Science of Destiny (Bazi, Zi Wei Du Shou)
• Daoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine
• The Art of Forms (Feng Shui and Morphopsychology)

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