Dai Xin Yi Quan, training camp, with master, Yan Long Chang

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Dai Xin Yi Quan, training camp, with master, Yan Long Chang

Postby Dai Zhi Qiang on Tue Feb 21, 2023 9:04 pm

China is going to be open soon, who seriously would think about wanting to come to a “Dai Xin Yi Quan” training camp in Shanxi, Qi Xian?

I will be able to give you a breakdown of costs very soon (accommodation, daily cost of travel from hotel to master, Yan Long Chang's village, food and training).

We will need an interpreter, unless someone who comes is a native Chinese speaker, if that is the case, then I can work out a deal with this person (give some discount towards training or something).

Getting a translator is not cheap, I am still looking at cheaper options, so far I am being quoted from 1,000-1,200 RMB ($146-175 USD) per day.

You do not need any experience in Dai Xin Yi Quan, you will be taught from the bottom up.

I am thinking 10 days of training, where we will get in 40 hours (2x2 hour sessions a day).

There will be limited spots as we will train at my masters house in his courtyard and usually his wife provides the meals (she is a excellent cook and the food is delicious, but she cannot cook for too many people).

I will enquire just for caution sake, if we can find somewhere larger in the area, we can use.

We will do some tourism activities, such as visit, Dai mansion, Pingyao, Qiao mansion and I had heard they have a Dai Xin Yi Quan museum there now.

Travelling to these places are an additional cost, where we can chip in for accommodation and then there is entrance fees.

Any enquiries, please post here or PM

(please no tyre kickers aka time wasters)

I will need a deposit once the visa's have been issued.

This is not going to be immediate, I have heard they are still waiting for visa issues to be solved, but I would like to interested parties organised in advance.

There is also the option of bringing, master, Yan Longchang overseas to hold a training camp or do some seminars, if this is something you want to be involved in, don't hesitate to contact me.

Master, Yan Long Chang, is now, 76 years old now, so his teaching days are numbered, so if you are serious about this art, I would not hesitate. I spoke to him last night and he said he is still willing to accept new students.
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