Wu Yuxiang's Taijiquan in mountains in Poland

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Wu Yuxiang's Taijiquan in mountains in Poland

Postby dacheng on Fri Mar 03, 2023 5:08 pm

Wu 武 style Taijiquan

Wu Yuxiang -> Li Yiyu -> Li Xunzhi -> Yao Jizu -> Zhai Weichuan

8-11 June 2023


Sudetes mountains, Poland. Przesieka near Karpacz and Jelenia Gora. About 2 hours 30 minutes by train from Wroclaw and then a few kilometers by bus or taxi to our villa. Possibly arranging some or our participants who come by car receiving you from the railay station. You can get to Wroclaw by air or by train directly from many places in Europe.

Instructor: the chief instructor of Yiquan Academy - Andrzej Kalisz - a disciple of Yiquan master Yao Chengguang, a student of Wu style Taijiquan master Zhai Weichuan, representing his school in Poland.

For 2024 we are planning bringing Zhai Shizong (Zhai Weichuan's son) for about 1 month to Poland.

More info: http://yiquan.academy/news.php?readmore=140
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