Yiquan Academy Courses 2024

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Yiquan Academy Courses 2024

Postby dacheng on Fri Aug 18, 2023 7:09 am

We already have posted some plans for 2024:

Winter workshop 26-28 January 2024: http://www.yiquan.academy/news.php?readmore=138

Summer intensive course 20-28 July 2024 http://www.yiquan.academy/news.php?readmore=138

Training in China with master Yao Chengguang in August 2024 (about one week, precise dates to be announced later) http://www.yiquan.academy/news.php?readmore=122

A bigger part of our stay in China will be for training Wu 武 style Taijiquan with master Zhai Weichuan. There will also be opportunity to learn Wu style in Warsaw, Poland in July 2024.

As we are studying not only Yiquan, but also its roots (internal arts), we also plan a xingyi/bagua workshop in Poland with Edward Hines (Luo Dexiu's student).
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