The 8th World Cup information

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The 8th World Cup information

Postby windwalker on Tue Oct 24, 2023 5:09 pm

The 8th World Cup information]World Tai Chi Chuan Federation Providing briefs,
activities and events on traditional and new Tai Chi Chuan including 13 Forms,24 Forms, 37 Forms, 42 Forms, 64 Forms, Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Yangjia Michuan and others. Also, the details of branches and Members.


he World Tai Chi Federation (the former The Int’l Tai-Chi Chuan Federation), was established during 1980 in Taiwan, Republic of China. Shih Jwei acted as the first chairman, and Hwang Shin-Shih, Ho Wei-zou, Siou Zu-ming, Wang Yen-nien had taken the duties of vice chairmen.

To promote Tai Chi Chuan activities into the world, the Federation held an International Tai Chi Chuan Competition Exhibition during the October 17 and 18th weekend in 1981 at gymnasium of National Taiwan Sport University. Participants were invited from The United States, The Great Britain, France, Holland, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan and Hong Kong; totaling 9 countries and 11 teams.


Not affiliated with any of the teachers or groups..
Information provided for those interested
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