WorldPushHands YouTube Channel (Lots of Push Hands Matches)

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WorldPushHands YouTube Channel (Lots of Push Hands Matches)

Postby Black Horse Tai Chi on Fri Mar 11, 2011 5:44 am

I'm almost 100% sure this channel was started and is maintained by Jan Lucanus. I met him a couple years ago and he's a really cool dude. He trains with William C.C. Chen (who also seems like a really cool dude, although I haven't met him yet).

[Link to WorldPushHands YouTube Channel]

Here are two clips from the 2010 3rd World Cup Tai Chi Chuan Championship in Taiwan. The first is of "Tuishou Chen" (from Josh Waitzkin's Art of Learning book) and the second is with Jan Lucanus.

Chen is on the left.
From Video Description wrote:"Tuishou" Chen Chi-Cheng (Shi Zhong Tai Chi College), the reigning 10-year world champion outscores Taiwanese star player Rick "The Bruiser" in this Fixed Step Push Hands match at the 3rd Tai Chi World Cup.

Jan has the afro. 8-)
From Video Description wrote:In this final match of the 3rd Tai Chi World Cup 70kg-75kg weight class, the younger brother of champion Chen Chi-Cheng outscores Jan Lucanus (Captain of the William C. C. Chen Push Hands Team) by 1 point for the gold medal win in this Moving Step Push Hands match.
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Re: WorldPushHands YouTube Channel (Lots of Push Hands Matches)

Postby mrtoes on Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:36 am

Thanks for the clips! Moving step really needs sweeps, trips and throws doesn't it? Otherwise just ends up looking like a shoving contest...
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Re: WorldPushHands YouTube Channel (Lots of Push Hands Matches)

Postby taiwandeutscher on Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:52 pm

Oh my, that Jan guy!
Cool he maybe, but the force with him is not!

Really, watching him 2 days run around in his high tech garb, having taped all his fingers heavily like an olympic volleyball crack, doing little "qigong demos as psychic warfare" made us (A.J. from South Africa, Wu Ronghui, chief referee, Trevor, the only white referee and me, a correspondent) laugh a lot.
Already from his walking, we knew that he had the basic stance of TJQ all wrong, clearly visible in his bouts. The yaokua (hip and pelvic girdle) is wrongly positioned, resulting in a permanently leaning position of his upper body (another classic quote: Don't hang your meat on my body!), with a stretched and straight back leg, pushing like you would push a broken down car. Compare the Taiwanese, with bent backleg, upright body, correct pelvis, sucking in all that force easily.

That would also be the answer for the other thread. More details you must learn from a good phs teacher.

And then, to tell a bit Taiwanese inside stuff, he was not liked much, came across as very arrogantly, especially after the W.C.C. Chen team had complained a lot the last WC and even published an article in the US about being cheated by the "bad losing Taiwanese". There is always a bit of haggling, it's the nature of comps, but nobody cheated them, I was there, and I'm western.

Did you hear that one very strong team was missing alltogether for some reason?

Besides, do you know that Taiwanese competitors in the last 5, 7 meets (WC, Chung Hwa) always had been 2nd, 3rd row people? For several years, city and county governments highly propagate the yearly all national sports event, just 2, 3 weeks after the international one, also with MA, TJQ and phs. As a 1st place gets those kids around 100.000 to 120.000 NT§ (around 3-4000 US$), most 1st class competitors just skipped the international meet in order to avoid injury, save power and have a chance at the price money.

I know that is really a mess, but for such reasons, the level at the intern. meets has been rather low, be it form or phs, and you really need to see the nationals to understand the difference. You probably also have wittnessed some bouts with really low standards, big western guys being pushed to the ground, narrowly missing hurting their heads on the concrete, 5 meters behing the safe competion area. I even asked one Taiwanese to had a friendship point to an Argentinian, loosing :0. And to get into the final with 2 bouts, that is easy. In my time we had 8, 10 bouts in 2 days, with many more competitors in each weight devision, so it has been rather easy to get a good result in the last intern. competitions.

BH, as you really seem interested, why don't you bring your girl over here, you both can make good money teaching English and you can get into PHs on a more realistic level. You could stay in Taibei, a modern city with all western conveniences or go south to the school you like so much.

As I'm personally affiliated with the missing team, please take all infos with a grain of salt, lol!
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