wing chun 'looking good' vs kick boxer (oldie but goodie)

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wing chun 'looking good' vs kick boxer (oldie but goodie)

Postby cloudz on Thu May 18, 2017 4:40 am

Hey folks,

It's about time we saw some traditional style working and looking good right..

This one is super old, but all the latest chat reminded me of it. It's a decent example of something I've been suggesting and that often how something can look is often relative to various factors and that there is a grey area. To illustrate that I've posted 3 other videos of WC guys. None of these share a single reality..

Of all the TCMA styles there's no doubt the most available clips to choose from. I think they retain WC flavour, but the subsequent vids don't look as good or recognisable as the first due to relative factors. Not necessarily that the first guy is a better fighter or better WC guy. You know the one and only with "the realz"..

the old one:

This one is a competition clip, a better opponent. This WC guy has plenty of experience

And here's the big scary dude that took it to MMA a while back, there seems to be lot's of Chun guys around that have evolved their training to some extent.

here's one of Alan Orrs guys as an extra bonus!
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