Interviews with Don Wong Tao — Hong Kong Kung Fu Actor

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Interviews with Don Wong Tao — Hong Kong Kung Fu Actor

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@ 3:35, Don talks about his second movie, Secret Rivals.

Secret Rivals (Chinese: 南拳北腿) aka Northern Leg, Southern Fist aka Silver Fox Rivals is a 1976 kung fu film directed by James Nam and Ng See Yuen and starring Hwang Jang Lee, John Liu and Wong Tao. This Film Has 2 parts that Shot in location in South Korea (part.1) and China (in Part 2.)

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Had this laying around in my hard drive for such a long time. Uploading it to make space:

Don gives commentary on Secret Rivals. Starring in order of appearance: John Liu, Don Wong Tao, and Hwang Jang Lee. All three have taekwondo backgrounds.

Profile of Wong Tao,

When Wong Tao was fifteen year's old he went with his father to Italy. It was here that Tao's martial art journey began with training in tae kwon do. Achieving dan grading and successfully taking part in tournament's. It wasn't long before Tao was given a choice of either going to Germany or America for further education. Much preferring the idea of life in the states this flight back to school led to a placement at Texas A & M university, 1970. He stayed there for 3 years before gambling on a career in the movies.

Profile of John Liu,
Training Background

Initially learning kung fu from his grandfather, John Liu became a student of “Flash Legs” Tan Tao Liang, learning the art of taekwondo. Liu later developed his own martial arts system, Zen Kwan Do, allegedly based on Lau Gar kung fu and taekwondo techniques. John Liu is best known for his flexibility and kicking. His trademark moves includes his devastating axe kick, leg holding, and his flying sidekick.

Profile of Hwang Jang Lee,
Training Background

At the age of fourteen years old, Hwang began to learn Taekwondo, eventually earning a 7th Dan black belt. In 1965 at age 21, Hwang became a martial arts instructor for the Korean and South Vietnamese Armies.

In January 2003, Hwang received his 9th Dan black belt in Taekwondo. Additionally, he currently holds a 9th Dan with the World Tang Soo Do General Federation.

Hwang still actively teaches martial arts. He is currently an instructor with the World Tang Soo Do General Federation.

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