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Re: free push hands and bounciness

PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:33 am
by Trick
windwalker wrote:
Trick wrote:Ok your angle in this tread is how to explain the workings of Taijquan through physics and seemingly PhD level of physics. It seem just as a huge side project that I would think does not actually benefit ones taijiquan skills to a higher level almost to the point that the use of the terms Qi and Yi would benefit students progress quicker, of course the quickest way would be hands on practice- how did the ancient masters get their skills

Whether any thing benefits or not depends on the integration of the understanding into ones practice.

on issue 23 there's an article titled 3 rings. Talks about waves and how the energy has to move through the body much like a stone dropped into a pool of water causing ripples. Hands on practice is always important. That would be hands on with an understanding of what one was working on or towards.


also talks about 3 rings....from the wei shuren linage...

Yes Wei Shuren's teachings was breflely in vogue in China also spread somewhat around the world, but seem to have faded