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Postby windwalker on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:08 pm ... r_embedded

An impromptu chat on Chinese martial arts following breakfast after training.

This style is called Pok Khek Kuen. It is a version of Chinese MMA created by GM Nip Chee Fei. GM Nip learned Tai Chi from Yang Chengfu and Buk Sing Choy Lee Fut from Tam Saam in China.

Tam Saam himself was well known as a fighter and amongst those he fought was the famous Northern Shaolin Iron Palm master Ku Yu Cheong who killed a horse with an iron palm strike. The Buk Sing style was famous for winning tournaments. One such full contact tournament was held in Taiwan and it was there that a number of fighters from the Ip Man Wing Chun contingent got knocked out. For many years people say my Wing Chun uncle Wong Shun Leung was never defeated but years later I discovered that he did suffer one defeat and it was at this tournament. He was knocked out.

PKK is the style of free fighting that GM Nip taught to his early disciples in Malaysia. He created it out for his own use in apprehending anti-government rebels in China. He said that in a real fight one has to knock the opponent out in a few moves and the techniques have to be good enough against other martial arts. PKK was built on the Buk Sing platform and a few other martial arts. It is entirely a sanshou style. PKK has been used effectively in tournaments in Malaysia in the past.

The first move you see in the clip is the CLF Sau Chui (sweeping punch). This punch is famous for its knockout power. The next move is the well known Lama White Crane straight punch from their basic chain punching technique (this is the first punch we learn in PKK). In the middle part I used a Zhou Ma Gwa Sau (running horse backfist, sweeping punch) which I read somewhere is the highest level technique in Buk Sing CLF.

After the kick there is a technique I didn't (actually did but was not taped) complete and is the famous Buk Sing Charp Chui. The backfist to the arm is our version of defanging technique. In the old days PKK fighters would train iron forearms and iron fists. So if they hit your arm it can be really painful. In some cases they can give your arm a huge bruise or possibly fracture it if you try to block one of the sweeping punches. A horizontal sweeping punch is also shown and this type of punch is meant to disable an attacker with a powerful strike to the throat.

In the last part of the video in application of my teacher's famous flying hand block. Once the block connects with your arm it will go flying and it can upset your balance leaving you open for either a Sau Chui or a Charp Chui.

I never really understood or appreciate PKK until now some 20 years later after I have had ample time to digest it and have better insight into how it works. The long time frame is required because my teacher's version of PKK is softer by comparison with another version of PKK that a friend learned. My friend's version emphasized power and iron arms. My teacher's version paid attention to the use of running footwork, angling and control of long distance. So how to change from one technique to another smoothly and still retain knockout power takes a long time to study.

I am still very much a junior in this art. But after years of reflecting on it I have some confidence to share the little understanding that I have gained with my Taiji student.
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Re: Bojiquan

Postby Strange on Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:03 pm

in this manner, it is call chinese kungfu
we not making movie, no need to hit so many times
let's wait and see how long it take for ppl to say it's fake
like what they say about Master David Chan's lhbf vid heh
天官指星 单对月 风摆荷叶 影成双

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Re: Bojiquan

Postby C.J.W. on Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:12 am

I like it. It's got that "swinging, smashing, breaking" quality CLF is known for.

It also goes to show why CLF has long had the reputation for being a no-nonsense style that produces good fighters quickly.
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Re: Bojiquan

Postby Finny on Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:37 pm

Cool. Buk Sing CLF was my first CMA style. Seems like the standard 'application' type stuff one sees from them

Fun stuff, but inefficient training method imo - and tactic, come to that..
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