Taiji vs BJJ competition

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Re: Taiji vs BJJ competition

Postby windwalker on Thu May 31, 2018 7:25 pm

Appledog wrote:
This all reminds me of what my teacher told me. Try the teaching methods. If the teaching methods didn't work for you, find something else quick!

wow you write a lot... :o

one of my fellow classmates now back in China, hes talking about making a trip here

Zhao attracts players from all other styles as well as beginners with little or no prior training. At 52, he does no exercise or even forms. He just pushes hands with anyone and everyone who comes by. I have seen men in their prime, twenty years younger than Zhao and twice his weight, with years and years of formal training go rolling off with big grins on their faces.

Students who witnessed it told me about how a big, buffed-out, experienced martial artist pulled up to challenge him. Spontaneous encounters are Zhao’s specialty. He is always ready. There is no perceptible moment when he appears to shift his coonsciousness or change his stature.

This encounter ended with him looking up at Zhao from the ground, having to be convinced of the potential danger and utter futility of coming back up for another attack. None of this is hyperbole. His speed and control is unnerving.

Here is Zhao’s secret, in his own words: I didn’t copy my teacher. I stole his ideas. As a painter, this remark really struck a chord. Picasso said it too. Good artists copy …. great artists steal.

http://www.kungfuchampionship.com/sanfr ... OSHUN.html

He made a small name for himself back in the US.

He might make out this way.
For those interested if he does I'll post it.

Not into the push hands thing although I do use some aspects in my own work which I call “Tsang-Lu” 蒼 鷺 "
not another taiji style but based on taiji..

Much of the verbiage used in your post I discourage for those I work with here...preferring, node, anitnode, standing wave ect. feeling its more
helpful in conveying the concept.

One of my students a Professor of Power Mechanical Engineering, has a back ground both in taiji and western physics, along with having a native chinese perspective has been invaluable in comparing old taiji text with modern physics theories aligning them with both.
Translating both into basic examples that none physicist can understand and chinese readers can read.

Its quite interesting in that while I'll explain something using physics,
he'll quote the corresponding taiji text that describes the same thing.
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Re: Taiji vs BJJ competition

Postby Trick on Thu May 31, 2018 8:50 pm

Then I must be half a great artist cause I kind of "stole" some stuff too :). Push hands or not,Forms or not, one teacher I met(only once) a teacher who only did push hands practice he claimed forms practice where waste of time, and I who mostly only do form pushed with him, after several minutes(it seemed) he tried som surprise "attack", reflexively I reacted and he stumbled a couple of steps to the side which made him very upset, maybe because it was done in his own house, maybe because my wife witnessed it so he lost face?.. However he gave me his card on which it said "Military Arts" I never contacted him again, maybe because he wanted an outrageous hourly fee for teaching me push hands.........Then for example my Hunyuan Taijiquan teacher who practice as much solo exercises as he does push hands is absolutely formidable in all aspects.......
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