Taiji Master That Xu Xiaodong KOed Now Trains In Kickboxing

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Re: Taiji Master That Xu Xiaodong KOed Now Trains In Kickboxing

Postby windwalker on Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:55 pm

Steve James wrote:
Nothing says that he won't study grappling, one way or the other, and there's no reason why he shouldn't --whether he uses it or not. He's doing it for his own martial and personal development. And, it's not even up to us to say whether it's good or not. He's preparing to fight for himself. Win or lose, it won't prove anything about tcc or ima.

agee, my point was that he could have looked within his own system to find the answers, depending on what answers he was looking for.
If its about fixing his understanding of taiji, what he's doing now wont help him....if its about getting into or being able to hang in a ring
what hes doing now should be useful.

If its about dealing with the mythical street fighter, as you noted its a different type of skill and training outlook, depending if one happens to be
the streetfighter or the one who happens to fight one.

Some try to make it about CMA, TCC or IMA. This is the draw and selling point.

Xu: No, what I really think is, pay attention to what I say, eh? I think that they don’t exist in 99% of practitioners. But that 1%. And, this is why I try to challenge people here and there. I hope to meet that 1%. . . .

I saw Dacheng Quan (Yi Quan), Tongbei Quan, Baijiquan, Wing Chun. Those arts have some real fighting skills. Even if I believe their training system is outdated.

He says he wants to find the 1% . In China people know who's, who....there are people at night in the parks who have informal fight clubs going on..he knows this, most people that I've met do, maybe with others its different they don't know. If or had he really wanted to meet some skilled people, should be very easy....its china....

marketing 101

gotta make a living.
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Re: Taiji Master That Xu Xiaodong KOed Now Trains In Kickboxing

Postby Trick on Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:51 am

A quitter he is
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