Alex Gent: Steven Seagal's Aikido Workshop & Review — Rokas

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Alex Gent: Steven Seagal's Aikido Workshop & Review — Rokas

Postby marvin8 on Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:57 pm

Topics include: retracting punches, practical, functional, cross-training, etc.

Martial Arts Journey
Published on Oct 21, 2018

Recently a friend of mine participated in Steven Seagal's seminar in Moscow and since he had some fascinating things to share, we've recorded a conversation together.

We'll also be talking about the video I've made analyzing Steven Seagal's Aikido and what mistakes I've made in my assessment.

To learn more about Alex Gent check these links:

Footage from the seminar:

Video in question about Steven Seagal's Aikido effectiveness:

For more Aikido, BJJ ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ), Self Defense, Boxing and other videos check our official page to find all the various YouTube series:

Streamed live on Oct 13, 2018

A famous actor performs at the first international budo festival in Moscow. Seagal will read a report at a scientific-practical conference at the festival and share his secrets in battle skills:
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Re: Alex Gent: Steven Seagal's Aikido Workshop & Review — Rokas

Postby Overlord on Sun Oct 21, 2018 10:03 pm

In the demonstration video around 14 mins when SS explains to Japanese girl the sword principle, I think she was one of the few ones actually understood it. Nicely done.

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