BJJ Experts Breakdown Aikido's Moriteru Ueshiba, Gozo Shioda

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BJJ Experts Breakdown Aikido's Moriteru Ueshiba, Gozo Shioda

Postby marvin8 on Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:29 am

Martial Arts Journey
Published on Dec 4, 2018

BJJ experts analyse two videos of Aikido grand masters demonstrations, pointing out the flaws in logic, training methods and some potential in their technique.

The masters in analysis are Moriteru Ueshiba - grandson of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, who was responsible for expanding the biggest Aikido organization in the world known as Aikikai. The second video features Gozo Shioda, one of the main students of Morihei Ueshiba and famous Aikido master known for a more rough, pre-war style of Aikido.

The two videos are analyzed by Straight Blast Gym Portland's BJJ coaches Cane Prevost (2nd degree BJJ black belt, also Taekwondo black belt), John Mertlich (BJJ brown belt) and Rokas Leonavicius (3rd degree Aikido black belt, BJJ white belt).

This video is the first part of a two part video, where in the second part we will take a look together at one of the Aikido techniques from the video on the mat and will try to make it functional:
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