He Jinghan shows how to keep the spirals in the Kua

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He Jinghan shows how to keep the spirals in the Kua

Postby Bao on Tue Apr 09, 2019 4:21 am

Our old friend and Great Old One RSF member He Jinghan shows how you need to sit into the kua and stay levelled (not rise), to keep the connection and to keep the spiralling energy moving. He says that when you practice, you should move slowly and step by step, so you can feel the connected movement and preserve the spiral energy throughout the whole movement. This is a Tai Chi Chuan class.

Even if you cannot understand his Chinese, I think you can get a good idea about what he means by watching him. This and other vids from the same series found on the channel speak about the Kua and other things from a Tai Chi Chuan perspective.


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