"Feeding Hands" 餵手 (Wing Chun, JKD)

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"Feeding Hands" 餵手 (Wing Chun, JKD)

Postby marvin8 on Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:45 pm

Johnny Spencer
Published on Dec 4, 2016

Wing Chun INFO:


Alan Ngai
Published on Feb 26, 2018

Feeding hands in our line of Wing Chun is a method of helping a student bridge the gap between rote drills and the more dynamic sticky hands. Note that the movements are still relatively fixed, but I'm still able to offer interactive feedback when I sense that the technique, power, structure is incorrect:


@ 4:50, “So, if you want the person you’re feeding to feel real, give them something real to look at. . . . element of aliveness." (Feeding starting from outside of contact range.)
Budo Brothers
Published on Mar 14, 2019

Sifu Clay Pratka from Texas JKD shows us how he likes to use focus mitts in his training. He emphasizes how the pad holder makes or breaks the usefulness of the drill:


Published on Sep 22, 2018

In the method of feeding hands, there is one leads by feeding (giving) different strikes, then the other one defends. In this video, i put myself purposefully out of structure, so the student can optimise properly his applications of wing chun through his structure, sensitivity and timing:


Hunchun Huangxiang
Published on Dec 11, 2018

Hunchun Huangxiang 1812 release Hunchun test hand feeding Zhao Chunchun is characterized by the use of smart technology, and the long-term experience of training offensive and defensive reaction, rather than hard muscle strength. The muscle quality, cardio-respiratory function, and young function of foreign students are all above the teacher. When there is some preliminary understanding of Hunchun's theory, it must be implemented in the process of training, in the process, more to feel the offensive and defensive correspondence of the division, movement, line position, angle, retraction, structure, density. The teacher will guide the learner to make a single corresponding action, and with continuous and smooth movements, the learner must observe the opponent's movements and directly imitate the trial correspondence and application. The test is a model of cross-fist, different martial arts, whether or not you have practiced martial arts, actual contact, communication, and training. The main thing is to feel the ability of each other and training, the ability to attack and defend, the stability of structural functions, and the dexterity of changing movements. The change of movement, feeling and training, the dexterity and connection of movements. Structural compression, feeling and training, structural support and resistance, tension and retraction. In the process, you can train muscle strength and heart and lungs, and strengthen your physical fitness. Try every possible coping action, be proficient in each inertial action, try other corresponding actions, guide each other, inspire each other, think and verify. Under the premise, you must not harm your opponent. The hydrodynamics of the spring-like water is rushed when it meets the air. When it encounters the resistance, it turns, just like a torrent, soft as a silk, attack and defense confrontation, logical stacking, borrowing force to force, to stay and send:

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