Dim Mak Kung Fu Master Takes On Sanda Fighter — China

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Re: Dim Mak Kung Fu Master Takes On Sanda Fighter — China

Postby marvin8 on Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:01 am

chenyaolong wrote:All these rigged fights in the face of the rise of MMA and the perceived inferiority of TMA. Makes me think of early 20th century China and its "century of humiliation". Huo Yuan Jia, Wang Zi Ping and others having these famous matches where they defeated foreign strongmen who belittled the "sick men of Asia". Could these have been rigged too? These rigged fights, as well as those TV shows like that mainland Kung Fu Quest one, are playing on these emotions

A couple articles on fighting foreigners and rigging. (Taiji vs. Muay Thai wasn't 100% taiji, since Chen village trains Sanda.)

Phillip Starr on October 9, 2015 wrote:Huang:
“But in the days when foreign fighting experts and strong men came to China, Chinese masters of that genera¬tion defeated them repeatedly.”

“If there really are so many examples of Chinese masters defeating foreigners, why are the Chinese the only ones who talk about it? Why don’t the foreigners mention it? Maybe they don’t want to talk about being defeated.

However, I ask how many Chinese were defeated. We don’t talk about that because it would be humiliating. Anyway, we don’t know about the proportions as to victories and defeats.

And if Wu Song (a famous Chinese martial arts hero) had fought a cat instead of a tiger, there would be no reason to praise him for centuries. So, what kinds of opponents were these foreigners who our masters defeated? My teacher, Zhang Zhaodong, met a Russian “strong man” and I fought a Danish boxer. Other friends of ours had similar encounters...but our opponents were defeated after just one blow! There was no real fight...but that was because traditional Chinese martial arts didn’t meet real tigers!

In those days, you could become famous because you’d defeated a foreigner and that wasn’t too difficult because none of the foreigners were real experts!

Even more challenging was fighting with other Chinese at that time. No foreigners signed up for the leitei tournaments in Hangzhou or Shanghai. The people from traditional styles, even if they were monks or great masters who were famous, either got hurt or were too afraid to fight. The winners, although they were supposed to represent their traditional systems, used completely different methods of training for these fights.

Starr Commentary: I guess I’d never really thought about the fact that the foreigners who fought the Chinese back in the early part of the last century weren’t champions in their own countries...in fact, most of them weren’t well-known at all! So, to defeat such opponents is not necessarily indicative of great skill.

He is correct in stating that foreigners did not participate in the leitei tournaments. These were fighting events that were conducted on specially-constructed platforms of various kinds. And he says that those who won these events trained in methods outside of their traditional systems, reinforcing his position that many of the old forms of training were ineffective.

Excerpt from “Taiji vs. Muay Thai:”
Sascha Matuszak on Apr 22, 2014 wrote:So I got the links and watched the fights. Sadly, this “match-up” was exactly what everyone says fights in China are like. The fights were rigged – Chinese fighters wore black pants to hide shinguards, referee saved Chinese fighters from anything more than a 3-punch combo, Thai guys were paid to take a fall.

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Re: Dim Mak Kung Fu Master Takes On Sanda Fighter — China

Postby everything on Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:55 pm

The obsession with face. What happened to humility?
amateur practices til gets right pro til can't get wrong
/ better approx answer to right q than exact answer to wrong q which can be made precise /
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Re: Dim Mak Kung Fu Master Takes On Sanda Fighter — China

Postby Sean on Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:22 am

So pathetic.
This insistence on face saving will be the death of CMA.
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