Open Hand Sparring: Bagua vs Wing Chun vs MMA — Ramsey Dewey

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Re: Open Hand Sparring: Bagua vs Wing Chun vs MMA — Ramsey Dewey

Postby Climb-up on Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:20 pm

dspyrido wrote:
Climb-up wrote:Thats the point that the Bagua guy was making at the end of the video right?

He wasn't very good at bagua to be representative of it. Even in his form he was stiff and awkward.

That said bagua would also be an awkward one to use in these rules. It's not built on stand up slapping opponents but on mixing kicks, throws, sweeps and locks into it. The bagua guys I've met that could apply it know how to wrestle. If they get crowded at the arms they know how to drop down and grab the legs.

Well, to be fair, at least one of the guys that he was sparring against was a professional MMA fighter, who has even studied legit taiji, and he (Linji) was able to use his Bagua effectively enough to really impress them. I’m not good enough at Bagua to know how good he is, but I haven’t seen that from too many Bagua guys.

I agree about the wrestling though. I know there are a lot of styles and differences but, from the little I know of Bagua now, I’d say that it is mostly grappling and wrestling (albeit with some very powerful strikes and kicks as well).
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Re: Open Hand Sparring: Bagua vs Wing Chun vs MMA — Ramsey Dewey

Postby dspyrido on Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:27 pm

The "5 fingers of death" has technique to it. ;)

Stockton slap uses the palm more and has been used pretty nicely in ufc. Why? The gloves add to the hit. After a slap hit's the gloves inside stitching can cut the face.

Bas explains the use of the wrist bone.

There's the eye poke:

Also cup the palm, bend the elbow to hook it and aim for the ear - one i was shown by an experienced doorman. He enjoyed using it because it was fast, unexpected and disorients the person being hit. Even could rupture an ear drum.
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