Matt Stampe Da shou, Push Hands, Da Lu, San Shou

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Matt Stampe Da shou, Push Hands, Da Lu, San Shou

Postby Fa Xing on Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:04 pm

Yang long form as warm-up
*emphasis on the lead foot pivoting for transitions.

da shou and push hands

1. pung cover, cover elbow, strick with hand that covers elbow
2. parry punch flow drill
3. backfist to face. two blocks down and back
4, cross hands- upper block and strike with palm or fist
5. elbow flow drill

push hands:
horizontal circle- single hand
horizontal circle- double hand
figure 8 double hands
vertical circle- double hand (4 hands/pung lu ji an)
change at top to other direction
S- change
yield and push
double diving hands
moving step basic
moving step with 4 hands
loop step
loop step with 4 hands

Da Lu
solo: 2 step shoulder/elbow or 3 step big rollback or split.

liner fajin:
take a single movement and fajin

San shou striking:
heavy bag:
-rounds of jabs and double jabs circling bag
-cross: over hand rt. and weave, straight right, duck, step to rt, and cross
-3 body hooks and 1 head hook,
- 2 body punches, move rt. 4 body punches move rt,

focus mitts
-palm strikes
-double palm strikes
-J-hook (single whip coil hand) and slap
- hammers up down left right striking.
- moving and mixing them up.
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