Wing Chun vs Smaller MMA Fighter — Ding hao vs A Hu

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Re: Wing Chun vs Smaller MMA Fighter — Ding hao vs A Hu

Postby everything on Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:05 pm

"lose face" and "don't lose face" is a value that leads to hubris, which causes the downfall of individuals, subcultures, and cultures. it's so ingrained in Chinese culture that I suppose at the larger societal, power structure level, it makes sense people are willing to have censorship, no transparency, etc. ... t-of-face/

despite 4000 years of "face" culture, you would think the massive stupidity in this fringe element (most "normies" don't care about MA or MMA) would shine a light on the larger cultural phenomenon but people are stupid, and "saving face" and "losing face" is what's really going on that is so hard to understand beyond the stupidity of MMA and TMA. I can't stand the "face" part of the culture. I'm not a millenial USAmerican, but it's sort of the opposite to the "authenticity" millenial cultural value.

on another tangent, this is also why the Chinese are so easily able to manipulate and control Trump. He is ONLY motivated by "face" and looking good to himself, but he has no self-conscious understanding that's what's really going on whereas Chinese culture has a deep, deep understanding of this sort of toddler psychology and how to go about relating to people and society based on it.
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