Lukas Lv Kai: Chinese judoka UFC prospect — Ramsey Dewey

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Lukas Lv Kai: Chinese judoka UFC prospect — Ramsey Dewey

Postby marvin8 on Sun Dec 08, 2019 10:31 am

Ramsey Dewey
Dec 8, 2019

Shanghai based MMA coach and Kunlun Fight Fight Combat League commentator, sits down with “Lukas” Lv Kai, a Chinese UFC prospect who just got accepted to the Shanghai UFC Performance institute after their last combine.

Lukas is a national level judo athlete who made the transition to mixed martial arts and has so far garnered a professional record of 6 wins and only one loss.

We discuss the evolution of MMA in Shanghai, the state of the sport today in the China, and training at the UFC performance institute, the Chinese sports university system of developing athletes, and of course, JUDO in MMA among other things.

Thanks to Becca and Kyle Rozewski for hosting this podcast at their gym “Animal MMA” in Shanghai, China. Much love and appreciation for all they have contributed to the sport of mixed martial arts in China:
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Re: Lukas Lv Kai: Chinese judoka UFC prospect — Ramsey Dewey

Postby Overlord on Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:37 pm

I knew a BJJ friend once his teacher taught him Dunho zhuang squatting monkey,
he convert it into weightlifting squatting monkey
Eventually start to pissing blood in urine.
Those who try to intermingled BJJ, MMA with kungfu into a pots are always brave in my opinion

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