Xingyi Quan Ten Minute Primer - Heng Quan (Cross-Cut Fist)

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Xingyi Quan Ten Minute Primer - Heng Quan (Cross-Cut Fist)

Postby wushutiger on Fri Jan 10, 2020 3:25 am

Here is the fifth Xingyi Quan Ten Minute Primer in the five element fists series- the final element, Heng Quan
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Re: Xingyi Quan Ten Minute Primer - Heng Quan (Cross-Cut Fist)

Postby GrahamB on Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:02 am

Byron got into a discussion on the XingYi Facebook group when asked when he was going to show “an advanced version with the “fajin” motions.”

His reply was so good I put it on my blog, with his permission, as I feel the same way and he explained it very nicely:

A: these are Primer videos to get people to understand the basics in order to begin practice, so that’s their purpose, fundamentals. Maybe in future I’ll release some other ones with function and application etc. I would like you to clarify what your are asking for with “an advanced version with fajin motions”?

Q: the shaking motions in your strikes where penetrates internally?

A: A couple of things. Its a misunderstanding to think that Fajin means something like a specific method or something. It simply means to issue force. That is all it meant in the past, and that is all it means today. Its real meaning has been twisted and misunderstood, even more so in the west. In more recent times some strange focus on shaking has come into CMA which is not how things were and definitely this too has been twisted into something that it never was. The Xingyi classics never discuss “shaking” and in fact older generation teachers will admonish you for this telling you overtly shaking makes “power leak” from your target. An example is even quoted from Feng Zhiqiang talking about how Chen Fake taught them “While issuing power the body should be relaxed, but one should be very conscious about so-called “Shaking Power” (Dou Jin). This power has to be focused and not scattered all over the body. The more advanced one is, the smaller the shaking. When we were learning Taijiquan from Chen Fake shaking the body in Fa Li was the greatest taboo to be avoided.”

Good issuing of force is firstly dependent on the correct structure, then the correct method and finally using body mechanics to assist with generating optimal force. This is all covered in those basics, and its the long term practice of these key points I put in those videos that will enable you to develop strong issuing of force. Strong issuing of force penetrates
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Re: Xingyi Quan Ten Minute Primer - Heng Quan (Cross-Cut Fist)

Postby Tom on Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:02 am

Nicely done, Byron, and thank you for your continuing efforts with this outstanding primer series on Hebei xingyiquan.

Graham, I agree the overt shaking generally represents poor internal connection and body mechanics in the issuing of force. "This power has to be focused and not scattered all over the body," as Byron says, or it's functionally useless and in the long run potentially damaging to the practitioner.
Needless to say, this is just my opinion. Please feel free to disregard it. ;D
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Re: Xingyi Quan Ten Minute Primer - Heng Quan (Cross-Cut Fist)

Postby wayne hansen on Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:49 pm

Totally agree
As the saying from our school goes
Do not put power into the form let it naturally arise from the form
Most Hsing I practitioners I see are just generating bad Karate Kime
Fukien White crane is the most consistent system I have seen for producing visible Fa Jing
Work more on refinement of form and less on its display
This is what the 3 levels of Hsing I are about
It is so misdirected in many Hsing I forms that the practitioners are like rattling old cars
They should work to be the finally tuned Lamborghini
Don't put power into the form let it naturally arise from the form
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