Critical thinking and martial arts

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Re: Critical thinking and martial arts

Postby GrahamB on Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:57 am

From the Urban Dictionary:

cad and bounder
This phrase is worth noting precisely because it does not belong in this dictionary: it makes sense in a moral universe that has utterly vanished. The last "cad and bounder" died, perhaps, about 1947 (see London Daily Telegraph obituaries for further evidence).

Although they are appropriately linked, the precise meanings differ. A "cad" is one who does harm to a woman's honor or sense of self-worth as, for example, by taking her for a garden walk when he has no intention of marrying her. A "bounder" is a presumptious upstart, seemingly ignorant of, but perhaps merely indifferent to, fundamental norms of propriety.
You, sir, are a cad and a bounder.

A cad perhaps, but no bounder. My family goes back to William I.
by Buce July 19, 2005
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Re: Critical thinking and martial arts

Postby marvin8 on Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:22 am

Bhassler wrote:
marvin8 wrote:
Bhassler wrote:Re: Dr. Boghossian's credentials
That's useful information in that it suggests it might be worthwhile to not write him off outright based on the 8 minutes or so that I watched. His credentials to do not, however, mean that he is not making cognitive errors in what he's saying. To use a rather appropriate analogy, no one cares what your MA pedigree is if you can't fight.

He's simply saying critical thinking is being willing to revise your beliefs and test. Being able to critically think has nothing to do with one's fighting ability.

You do know what an analogy is, don't you?

I'm not interested in talking in circles. I'll let my statements stand as they are, and other people can consider them, or not, as they will.

Yes. I first misread it as Masters degree, not MA pedigree.
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Re: Critical thinking and martial arts

Postby Bhassler on Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:21 am

marvin8 wrote: I first misread it as Masters degree, not MA pedigree.

That's very funny, and sounds like something I would do...
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Re: Critical thinking and martial arts

Postby everything on Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:35 pm

well ... I really hope no one cares about your educational pedigree, either, especially if you can't write/think.
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Re: Critical thinking and martial arts

Postby Tom on Thu Jan 16, 2020 11:14 am

Bhassler wrote:
GrahamB wrote:Why is Bartitsu a fantasy martial art?

My mistake-- I thought Arthur Conan Doyle invented it for Sherlock Holmes, and the physical art was developed after the fact as a sort of amusement, but according to the internets it's a real thing that was merely popularized by Sir Doyle. I hope the erstwhile practitioners of Bartitsu can forgive me.
. . .

I do not mean to hassle the Hassler, but only to give another current example of Bartitsu extant, which I have sampled locally. The Lonin training cooperative regularly engage in the practice of Bartitsu technique, interwoven with 19th-century pugilism ( supported by proper Victorian physical conditioning (, all done in a scaled-back version of appropriate attire. It's actually quite fun and practical. The training group is called The Barton-Wright/Alfred Hutton Alliance for Historically Attested Hoplology and Antagonistics (BWAHAHAHA). ;D
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