INTERNAL Friction stepping - Scott meredith

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Re: INTERNAL Friction stepping - Scott meredith

Postby everything on Tue Jan 21, 2020 11:44 am

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Re: INTERNAL Friction stepping - Scott meredith

Postby Trick on Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:00 am

billyrUlez238 wrote:
Trick wrote:I didn’t know who this meredith was so I looked on the net, he claim to study YiQuan, in the thread it say’s he is supposed to have mentioned Wang Xiangzhai’s teachings, and the headline of the thread is friction step, although some poster goes into mud step which is another thing.....I comment on mocabu which usually in YiQuan comes into practice after learned ZZ and shili, then one will know the friction step is not solely in the sole of the foot, the understanding of it comes quickly...
If one try by experimenting to figure out how to mocabu without proper ZZ and shili basics in the back one will fail....And this is what I think meredith is doing, taking stuff from his ZMQ Taiji to come up with an home brewed mocabu exercise...

Scott trained long hours with Yao Chengguang in Beijing on multiple occasions. He can demonstrate solid Yiquan and knows the Yao brothers' curriculum thoroughly. Scott's intent with this video is to use yiquan's friction step as a basic model within which to experience Scott's main interest of "internal energetics"--wherein mixed metaphors of "charge," "packing," etc. are used to describe the internal feeling/sensation he is trying to teach students to cultivate. For this purpose, Scott's multiple books and videos borrow individual practices and context from taijiquan (Zheng Manqing and Chen Laojia), xingyiquan (Hebei), baguazhang (Cheng) and tanglangquan, all of which Scott trained to a decent level and many of which he was authorized to teach (by his teachers). To this end, the various practices, descriptions and metaphors are intended as a toolbox to cultivate internal feelings/sensations. Scott's disclaimers that he is not teaching the specific art as conventionally taught, or attempting to teach a complete martial art system, are clear.

Ok, that’s good. I too studied YiQuan long hours(two years) in Beijing, but that’s some years ago now. I ‘kept’ some of the ZZ practice and occasionally the Mocabu, as I also kept some of the exercises from Tongbeiquan I’ve learned for occasional practice, but main focus on my XYQ and Hunyuan TJQ.

But if I was going to ‘promote’ the YiQuan Mocabu exercise I would recommend an genuine study in YiQuan ZZ and shili at first hand.... But of course that’s just my opinion.
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Re: INTERNAL Friction stepping - Scott meredith

Postby jjy5016 on Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:20 pm

He studied for "a couple of summers" with Yao and he's qualified to make improvements on mo cha bo practice. Oh boy....

At least he had the decency to say not to think of it as yiquan.
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