Master Adam Hsu: Chen Style Taiji Apps - The Martial Man

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Master Adam Hsu: Chen Style Taiji Apps - The Martial Man

Postby marvin8 on Mon May 18, 2020 6:17 pm

May 17, 2020

An exclusive video interview with Master Adam Hsu, filmed outside the Taipei city hall in Taiwan. Master Hsu openly shares his knowledge of Chen Style Taiji Quan, sharing profound insights into the movements found in the Chen Taiji form and practical demonstrations of their usage:
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Re: Master Adam Hsu: Chen Style Taiji Apps - The Martial Man

Postby everything on Mon May 18, 2020 6:52 pm

  • Like how he is really clear (and in English) in his explanation/demonstrations, friendly, down-to-earth, easy to follow.
  • Like how he points out the leg detail (paging John for these parts).
  • Like standup grappling/knockdowns in general.
  • like how he shows the follow up strike will get him next quite easily if he's not doing something.
  • like how he doesn't get too "abstract" (paging JW)

  • Not sure about the static punch held out / not sure about those entries against a punch that goes in/out faster, but that doesn't really detract from the rest of the standup grappling/kao/elbow/brush/round motion/leg block/etc.

  • these demos are clear about the standup grappling/throw/knockdown/"wave" like/"unbroken" characteristics of the art.
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