DK Yoo Explains His Warfare Combat System

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DK Yoo Explains His Warfare Combat System

Postby marvin8 on Sat May 23, 2020 10:13 am

May 20, 2020

DK Yoo – Creator of the Warfare Combat System shares his mindset and techniques at the Dallas studio with Patrick Bet-David. Get his book Consciousness

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DK Yoo explains his story: After surviving a major surgery at the age of 10, I endured frequent bouts of illness and pain. Through daily meditation and breathing exercises which strengthened my immune system, I was eventually able to overcome this suffering. I further strengthened myself with intensive training in various martial arts and deepened my knowledge with extensive studies in philosophy and medical science. Adding my own life experiences onto this background and lessons learned, I developed a highly efficient way to align and control the human mind and body. This is the definition of WCS:
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Re: DK Yoo Explains His Warfare Combat System

Postby Overlord on Sat May 23, 2020 11:37 am

1, He did study Taiwan style JKD. That thing is because Taiwan JKD is not officially recognized as authenticated JKD, so he has to say he did not study JKD. Taiwan JKD is probably one of the best demonstrating stillness to explosiveness, and inch power (different from what shown, it’s a push). Taiwan JKD is probably one of the most unique CMA because it actually has elements of Taiwan military Baji into it. I know what CJW going to say but I don’t care because I visited and learnt from them.

2, He probably practice Later stage JKD as well, which heavily influenced by boxing. Yes I also learnt that to compare.

3, With Mike Tyson I think he is really talking about martial art EQ. This is like dark side of the force and light side of the force thing. When MT trained with Cus D'Amato, the emotional reward is positive. What he said is very deep. Most of martial art people don’t talk martial art EQ.

4, He actually answer the Conor McGregor‘s question with his demonstration on street fight, where he utilised his shoulder and elbow in close distance.

5, With his inch power if he can make fist 45 degree angle ( no rotation), it’s better than vertical fist. Reason being it works better. If he is using the structural kinetic.

Very interesting interview~
Thanks for sharing !

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