Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan — Eddie Wu Kwong Yu Interview

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Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan — Eddie Wu Kwong Yu Interview

Postby marvin8 on Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:46 am

(Click on CC for English subtitles.)

Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Toronto Canada
May 15, 2020

Wu style tai chi chuan - traditional martial arts for health and self-defence.

This Wu style tai chi chuan documentary was co-produced by Hebei Sports Bureau and Hebei Television Productions, China. (Official subtitles available in English & Greek. Please select display from settings)

It features Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu, 5th generation Wu Family & current gatekeeper of Wu Style and covers a brief a history of this traditional martial arts and current day as practised around the world.

Grand Master Eddie Wu Kwong Yu was born into a family of martial artists and masters of Tai Chi Chuan.

His great-great-grandfather Grand Master Wu Chuan Yau (1834-1902) was the founder of the Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan over 180 years ago. His great-grandfather, the famous master Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan (1870-1942) like Wu Chuan Yau, were soldiers of the palace battalion of the Imperial Guards in Beijing. Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan was the key influence in spreading Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan throughout China. At the age of six, Master Eddie Wu was trained by his grandfather Grandmaster Wu Kung Yi (1900-1970) and then by his father Grandmaster Wu Tai Kwei (1923-1972).


Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Toronto Canada
Jul 29, 2020

Traditional Wu Style Taijiquan with Grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong Yu (Gatekeeper of Wu Style; 5th generation Wu Family)

Wu Style Taijiquan is one of China's Wushu Collections to promote culture and Wushu.
This production was examined and approved by China Association of Wushu; supervised by Wushu Academic of Administration Bureau of China National Sports.

This video is one of several produced with Grandmaster Eddie Wu.

Highlights include:
@ 11:15 - basic footwork in Wu Style tai chi chuan yin yang separation (100% weight separation for training effectiveness)
@ 15:22 - uniqueness of Wu Style - 3 parts 9 sections for segmental form
@ 26:49 - brief history and origin
@ 33:20 - basic push hands
@ 41:26 - traditional Wu Style 108 movement segmental form

Wu style round form, 54 competition hand form, weapon (sabre, sword, spear), push hands etc. are included in other videos.

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