The Drunken Boxing Podcast #015 - Leslie Conn

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The Drunken Boxing Podcast #015 - Leslie Conn

Postby wushutiger on Thu Aug 13, 2020 2:10 am

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #015 is out!

Today's guest is Leslie Conn. He was originally born in Zimbabwe in 1961 and he moved to Hong Kong in 1987 in his pursuit of martial arts and its related cultures. He went on to complete a 20 year apprenticeship with master Kwan Run Chang as his closed door disciple. Les was always deeply fascinated with martial and China’s military history and he embarked on deep research which he has done none stop since. His focus was on the lost and forgotten aspects of Chinese martial history with a particular focus on Yin Fa or the Chinese art of stealth.

He currently resides in South Africa and has started opening up much of his valuable knowledge to the public.

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