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When Kungfu Master Fights Actual Opponents — FCB

Postby marvin8 on Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:22 pm

Fight Commentary Breakdowns
Sep 2, 2020

In 2019, a set of videos started emerging of an apparent Daoist Martial Arts master from the Wudang Mountains going into the ring to show off his Chinese Martial Arts. He went by the name 清风道士 (QingFengDaoShi) or 清风道长 (Qing Feng Dao Zhang), and he seem to easily pick apart two fighters in kickboxing matches. So after some research, we found the name of this apparent Kungfu Master. His name is Xiao Jun (王小军) and he seems to be either an amateur kickboxer, Sanda or Muay Thai artist. We found three matches from before 2019 when he took on actual opponents. By actual, we mean opponents that actually gave him equal resistance and fought back. Let's see what happens. How good is our self-proclaimed Wudang Master? Let us know what you see in the comments.

Three of the matches we saw plus the original coverage from last year:

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