Qi La La, Wing Chun: Spars & Prepares For King Of Dragons

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Qi La La, Wing Chun: Spars & Prepares For King Of Dragons

Postby marvin8 on Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:51 pm

Fight Commentary Breakdowns
Sep 21, 2020

As our Wing Chun favorite Qi La La (Chen Zhihuang) prepares for the upcoming King Of Dragons (KOD) eight-man martial arts tournament in October, we have some sparring footage of him vs another much heavier guy. This dude seems to have more experience than the previous big guy that Qi La La sparred. Also, I have the rules of the upcoming hybrid striking match of KOD Championship. Let's see what's allowed for the match and what's not allowed. Exclusive news from Fight Commentary Breakdowns. Big shoutout to The Kind Of Dragons in Taiwan!

King of Dragons promotion:
Previous big guy vs Qi La LA:

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