Old Wu Style Beijing 1925

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Old Wu Style Beijing 1925

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Wang Maozhai formed the famous Taijiquan organization Beiping Taimiao Taijiquan Association (北平太庙太极拳研究会) in 1930. Taimiao was the temple where emperor’s family performed sacrificial ceremony to their ancestors. It became a public park after the Republic Revolution. On any given day, at least one hundred people, sometime more than three hundred, would
practice at Taimiao. This was the biggest Taijiquan organization in northern China at that time.
Wang’s senior disciple Yang Yuting taught most public classes, and Wang taught more advanced students. Wang became very famous during that time. Many people learned with him, and many people came to challenge him. Wang, his disciples and grand disciples never lost a fight in the twenty years they were at Taimiao (they moved out in 1951). From Ying Chen Gong Fa Website.

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