Hong Kong '80s full contact scene

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Re: Hong Kong '80s full contact scene

Postby Trick on Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:31 am

marvin8 wrote:
GrahamB wrote:Problems of text communication then. You italicised "is", in the line "There is a MMA scene in Hong Kong today, though not related to triads.", which reads as you saying 'no, you're wrong there is a MMA scene..."

The italicized "is" is meant to be read, "For anyone that is unaware (not necessarily GrahamB), there is a MMA scene in Hong Kong today." I added, "though not related to triads," to suggest you may be aware of both MMA scenes in Hong Kong. :)

I was aware there was a Hong Kong '80s full contact scene, as I posted here:

marvin8 wrote:In 1981, Benny Urquidez takes part to an American team, headed by WKA President, Howard Hanson, during the "Road to Hong-Kong". In this city, Urquidez fights Kong Fu Tak, a local kung-fu champion and beats him before the end of the fight. It's sometimes mentioned that it was a death match. If you see the video, it is more a fight in kick-boxing style, with protections for the hands and feet and is disputed without a ring, with a referee. Kong Fu Tak will beat Billy Chow in a Thai-Boxing fight.


If remember right thai boxing had an vouge n the 80’s in HK, and there were some deaths reported happen in the fights(maybe just one or two, but that’s of course one or two too many)
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Re: Hong Kong '80s full contact scene

Postby Steve James on Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:08 am

I thought kumite was just the competition part of karate's three k's. I only know about "The Kumite" from movies, though I know there were/are plenty of fighting competitions (organized by crime figures and associates) :).
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