Kelly Whelan-Enns' Videos

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Kelly Whelan-Enns' Videos

Postby greytowhite on Thu Apr 22, 2021 8:55 am

Kelly has been making courses on Udemy and generously offering gems for free on his YouTube channel. Kelly recently started making a podcast and updated his web site. If you have his older courses you already have a blueprint for the content he has been releasing lately. That said, his newer courses have a lot more information. Kelly's deep knowledge and understanding of the arts he teaches are obvious to anyone else who has trained them in person.

I met up with a student of Neil Ripski's school who was visiting from Chicago a few years back to practice push hands and compare/contrast styles. He said practicing with Neil is like wrestling a bear but pushing hands with Kelly is worse. I was curious as my first Gong style instructor, Lloyd Day, also spoke well of Kelly. Kelly's content has really helped me through the years, particularly with my Jiang Rong Qiao Baguazhang. I've been meticulously going through and buying his Bagua courses as I'm able. Udemy regularly has the courses on sale but I try to pay full price when I can.

Thanks to Taste of Death here and Ray Carbullido I have been fortunate to receive some in person instruction in Han Family Yiquan. I have since gone on to research it a little more on my own and the Standing Stake material Kelly offers is very close to the stances taught by Han Jing Chen. I think his Earth Marrow Washing and Bone Marrow Washing material from the Qigong course are really good stuff to integrate into Zhan Zhuang. I feel his distance instruction has been a valuable addition to my standing and circle walking practices. Kelly learned his Yiquan from a student of Lee Ying Arng who learned in Hong Kong if I recall correctly. ... DV4qZhlitA ... oor-eonhu9
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