James Carss Han Family Yiquan Videos

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James Carss Han Family Yiquan Videos

Postby greytowhite on Thu Apr 22, 2021 5:35 pm

James Carss has trained a number of Chinese internal martial arts as well as Muay Thai and Western boxing. Alex Kozma interviewed him some time back on his YouTube channel and I was interested since. I purchased James' Yiquan book from Alex's site and received it incredibly quickly. I think there was some sort of file format conversion issues so the final product was slightly off. That said, there were certain anecdotes and lots of experiences with the art conveyed that I found valuable. He also has 4 videos available on Vimeo.

The 1st video he goes through the basic stances of the art and some single movement drills unique to Han Xing Yuan's line. The 2nd video he then introduces the basic footwork exercises that really ingrain the store/release mechanic into the structure through the legs. Almost like someone combined mud wading stepping and the Baji diagram. The 3rd video gives further footwork exercises combined with basic hand patterns. The 4th takes practices like the swings and really illustrates how to utilize them in striking. Really valuable material in my opinion. This Yiquan from Han Xing Yuan's material is like a distilled internal striking art, more Xingyi in its intent than other presentations. I feel anyone looking to deepen their striking in Chinese arts would find these videos valuable. I recall seeing some talk about a 12 Tang Hands video but then someone told me he took it down because someone was marketing it as their own material. I hope he opens it up again in the future.

https://lineofintent.com/product/yi-qua ... mes-carss/

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