Are Chinese Martial Arts Evolving?—Fight Comment. Breakdowns

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Are Chinese Martial Arts Evolving?—Fight Comment. Breakdowns

Postby marvin8 on Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:32 pm

Martial Arts Journey
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Traditional martial arts have been under a lot of pressure lately including various style vs style challenges and many people questioning the validity of some martial arts. In this live stream I'll be talking to Jerry of Fight Commentary Breakdowns to discuss how this pressure is affective these martial arts. Are they evolving or becoming worse?
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Re: Are Chinese Martial Arts Evolving?—Fight Comment. Breakdowns

Postby yeniseri on Sat May 08, 2021 6:39 pm

CMA is evolving in the ricebowl (family, village, town inner circle) but outside of it (the real world) it does not stand up but like empty force, it is a great circus curiosity act.
I look at BJJ, which is actually ne-waza (ground skill!) if it stayed with Count Maeda and his family meaning no other people were taught and they only fought amongst themselves to show how great it was, it would never last.

By the Gracie clan showing the art and actually engaging with other non BJJ practitioners, they got the chance to apply to all who are assiduous in practice and profile the art against all comers. CMA rarely does that but when they do, the laundry needs to be cleaned properly so that all can see what is required instead of just 'face saving' and allowing the art to disintegrate by the wayside. Right now the show is great (illusory skill and gymnastic performance) based on wushu criteria and element of showmanshp. Even I like the fancy kicks, the high raising of foot, and other performance per nandu criteria.
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Re: Are Chinese Martial Arts Evolving?—Fight Comment. Breakdowns

Postby Doc Stier on Sat May 08, 2021 11:27 pm

Are Chinese martial arts evolving? Evolving to what and why? I would submit that most of those who have seriously trained any legitimate CMA style enough to effectively fight with it will be more inclined to engage in professional pursuits which necessitate such skills, just as the elite practitioners of previous generations did, rather than pursuing comparatively short careers as professional MMA fighters where the risk of more frequent and more serious injuries is more likely.

Greater professional longevity is easily enjoyed in the former non-competition pursuits, especially when combined with teaching or training others following retirement, and with fewer serious injuries or negative residual affects from same. I suspect that many pro MMA fighters will suffer greatly in their old age from the physical abuses of competition injuries received when they were younger, similar to the experience of retired pro boxers, body builders, NFL players, etc. Sad, but oftentimes true. :-\
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Re: Are Chinese Martial Arts Evolving?—Fight Comment. Breakdowns

Postby dspyrido on Mon May 10, 2021 3:39 pm

2 hours of talking?! I'll just go by the title and the follow up posts.

All martial arts change. No two people are the same but in general CMA is on the decline. Evolution necessitates that this change needs to be relevant or it will die. We've all seen this happen with the small flavours of CMA. CMA to stay relevant is spilt into healthy stuff which should not be called a CMA & the more relevant fighty stuff.

CMA to stay relevant is doing what was started in the 80s/90s but went away for some reason. I guess this has happened many times before.

Now the patient is being revived with the support of the Chinese government (who let's face it almost killed it) and it's taking on San da and Shaijiow. Sure they mix in bits of other sports styles & maybe a few traditional moves but they can claim its different. Now it's in mma and it's working. The more chinese bio enhanced competitors the more CMA gets a look in.

As for longevity Doc - hardly any kid cares. Most are just trying to mimic their heroes & as they age out or die prematurely the next competitor will fill that gap. It's hard to argue with logic when it comes to emotion.
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