TriEssence: Kung Fu Debunked Ep 8 Occam's Mantis

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Re: TriEssence: Kung Fu Debunked Ep 8 Occam's Mantis

Postby Bhassler on Thu Jun 10, 2021 7:19 am

GrahamB wrote:It's very dramatic. One might even say, theatrical..... but that might just be the music ;) :D

I actually would prefer to see it without the music and the cuts and shifts in camera angle. The movement itself is interesting and, to my eye, has a lot of utility. It is being presented theatrically, but that doesn't change the underlying function of the movement, itself. I'm also pretty sure the fact that this sort of thing is becoming pretty standard doesn't mean that drone footage is now the source of martial arts in the west. But I guess if I wrote or vlogged about it enough with some sort of pseudo-scholarly presentation, it would be...
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