old taiji master's view point

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old taiji master's view point

Postby windwalker on Thu Jul 08, 2021 6:30 am

Translation of an old taiji master's view point

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Re: old taiji master's view point

Postby Michael Babin on Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:36 am

Thanks for posting that Windwalker. The English occasionally started to sound as if Google bots had done it; but I still found it very interesting and agreed with a great deal of it, especially in terms of push-hands.

Seems like a very knowledgable and experienced teacher. I particularly liked the analogy of thinking of taiji skill like having a gun in that the part you can't see -- the bullet -- is the most important part of the delivery system and not just the rifle itself. Of course, you could also argue that the gun is useless without the bullet and vice-versa. :)

Also liked the way he acknowledged that "illusion" is an important part of push-hands [not all teachers I have met are willing to do that]. Illusion in the sense of "make him pay attention here while your intention is really going there."
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Re: old taiji master's view point

Postby windwalker on Thu Jul 08, 2021 2:18 pm

The first person used in the Demo, looked like one of my teachers students...
Concepts translated and used, followed many of the methods we practiced.

Found it quite interesting, thought some might also, here.

translated transcript.

Do you know the experience of this image? Actually is the center, He completes a measurement value. So as when you practicing, every time in your training each of your postures, you see! Always said…Say what this sentence that is “FORCE LEVELING SYSTEM”.

What is LEVELING? That is Scales, in each movement is the scale moving. What is shifting? Shift our body center point, look at this when I move, What is the actual? Look! Sinking shoulder and elbow.....shoulder and elbow. Balance on the center of gravity, you still flexible....still can flexible. It flow from where? This shoulder flowing, to the other shoulder. After finish flowing look at this time postured, it’s ready!

Now INTENTION, QI... is the key point. So now when an action is done, what’s we add in?

As everyone said we must “EXTERNAL THREE COOPERATION”. Shoulder and waist, Hand and foot, elbow and knee, after placed, the “EXTERNAL THREE COOPERATION” Cooperated. When you release it, it will be "INNER THREE COOPERATION”

You do every action the same, Look at it.... come back! Every action is the same, you see! Actually it is here start transform, you see coming here later. Look, his pushed over here, Up to this step, transform now.

Transformed, transform to upper part, this hand (Left) is fixed. If you reach here still keep pushing (Left) then this is “HARD HAND”. Therefore, it is "YANG" (Positive) move and "YIN" static, Remember this main point. YANG move, YIN is static.

In our push hands it mean like this too. In our push hands it mean like this too YANG move, YIN is static. Everyone watching, so when this hand is covered, it is “static”.Don't use it to push!

When I want to hit him it’s my YI, QI. YI, QI! YI, QI. Don't mind him, your finger...

When your finger touched him, you look at your own finger. You look at your fingers and like your lips self-merging, where got so many word! No need request his hand to touch up and down, Grab people to fight, No need to. Like this, Wherever, Wherever all accurate, wherever all accurate, wherever all accurate, so in your normal practicing, do it like this. That mean handle the principle, don’t worry about how his hand presses on you, you push...push...push.

It’s here equal to pushing you incite to JIN, The one who push not much benefit, Pushed by others learn faster. Pushed by others learn faster, so we stop here, See it? You see at here, awhile SPLITTED (LIE) him, you see, Can you see it? You see, Every time he “LU”

Ignore him, just shocking JIN, so every time you much be vanguard, when he want to push you don’t against him. Retreat!Wait for power timing finished then push back, Place it, any placement can FA (Push).

You are faster than him, besides you just use a finger. See, you always hear say a finger HIT OUT INCH POWER. Place and holding out then in, this is power point, what is INCH POWER? Touching theory. Place on, same as the tip of the finger, He takes fast, the same. All this principle, all this principle, so where ever he touch, touched...you see! Now FA (explode), His gives his hand to you this is a very big principle in it, Equal to you using his hand completely.

Don't think that he is pushing you
He helps you! Help you overcome your weak point, understand?
So he punched, Pushed up to here, You grab here, Push hand...distance…speed. Look at this, There is no distance in the shape, there is a distance in my heart.

Distance in your heart, understand? Look at it, after this touch, its finished open. No more power? This YANG is moving first, when head move, Can you blocking it? Head....Do you know? Here this is something you can't think of, here. The head move, foot back first, the teacher say
Talk about the word “ASSIST”.

Forward, Backward…MIND, EXPECT, STABLE. After his hand blocking at me, no point, so you are not using your hand to push, you take your heart to push, here, you see! Here has a distance, here has a distance, see my hand, and he touched my hand. This step method, Look at my back of my body, look! When I move, just a move “Tango”, You See! He did blocked, Just a move, see “Tango”, when it is moving “Tango”, a move “Tango”. So if your hand after touching by the other party

It’s confrontation! Soft! Trance! Or Intermittent! You handle this Gong Fu knowledge, so you hand need to be light. To fall other, what you push is the way, you see! Inside here! You see, this is internally.Can't see from the outside, what you see from outside are all fake.

It’s all fake, you see !Real one no action yet, that is the bullet inside, When you holding the gun and fight, that is fooled. Can't fight like that, use the bullet. YI and QI be the bullet, He block this direction, look, you see!

This confrontation force can be hit, see! Towards there, how much, right? I slanting attract, out from portion now. You are focused on him now, Straight force... right?
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Re: old taiji master's view point

Postby windwalker on Thu Jul 08, 2021 2:22 pm

another clip posted on the same channel

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