Wing Chun vs MMA Dojostorm Pt 1 — 3 MMA vs Wing Chun Matches

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Wing Chun vs MMA Dojostorm Pt 1 — 3 MMA vs Wing Chun Matches

Postby marvin8 on Mon Jul 12, 2021 11:04 pm

Fight Commentary Breakdowns
Jul 12, 2021

We have an epic Wing Chun vs MMA showdown. In this semi-dojo-storm type setting, an MMA coach brought a few of his students to an Wing Chun dojo to test out each other's abilities. There are some really great inter-style sparring in these matches. Lots of great sparring lessons, especially about calf kicks. Yes, let's see how to throw those kicks without getting your own shin in trouble. This analysis is part one! There's a lot more to come! Make sure to find the links to the original videos in the pinned comments!

0:00 Match 1
3:37 Match 2
6:18 Match 3
10:00 Outro ft. next guest host reveal

Channel we critiqued: ... Afhtd5JxLQ
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