Student from Mr. Mizner showing similiar skills

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Re: Student from Mr. Mizner showing similiar skills

Postby charles on Tue Jul 27, 2021 8:19 am

GrahamB wrote:It's almost as if these Mizner videos have been deliberately made to create as much outrage as possible so people get even more outraged and share it to others who get outraged and share it again, and the whole cycle of outrage just continues.

Welcome to social media ;D

While I'm not outraged by the video, I'm otherwise guilty as charged. I commented on the video only in response to the OP's implication that what was being shown was beyond his abilities.

In retrospect, I should not have commented for the reasons Doc Stier states below.

Doc Stier wrote:I have never received instruction from any of these teachers, so whatever they teach and however they or their students demonstrate same has zero affect on my daily training regimen. As such, I am quite content to simply continue practicing my preferred arts, while allowing others to do likewise as they deem best for themselves. In any case, none of these teachers care what we think so long as the cash cow remains healthy and their rice bowl is full. :P
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Re: Student from Mr. Mizner showing similiar skills

Postby marvin8 on Wed Jul 28, 2021 12:53 am

wayne hansen wrote:It is all about how they train
From the way they do the 5 exercises to how they are taught to push
They are trained to react in this way

Huang Sheng Shyan demoing application of 5 Loosening.

Post from Paul Renall Friends Facebook page:

Ivan Trebichavsky
July 10, 2018

Today morning at the Taiji partner work residential training in Prague with Paul Renall we were working with split (lie). Great practice. Look to this video at time between 1:13 - 1:29 how master Huang is doing split as the application of his No. 2 relaxing exercise in a very short space. He can do it because his timing is so good. It's good to start to do it in a bigger space and then make it more and more refine.

Also, starting at 6:22.

Boz Odusanya
Jun 9, 2020

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Re: Student from Mr. Mizner showing similiar skills

Postby cloudz on Sat Aug 21, 2021 7:16 am

isn't it lovely to have such willing and co operative practice partners
she has developed some understanding and skill over what she's doing and how to work with 'easy force'

the problem is these skills as they are shown and demonstrated here don't by themselves carry over 'as is' to unwilling and non co operative partners.
I know that's been done to death but these clips do have this ability to suggest there's more here than there really is - in terms of what i would consider genuine martial skill. That can only really be measured against someone not playing the game.

let's call this 'demo-magic' :)
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