Tai Chi Fa Jin Analysis: Old Man Taiji

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Re: Tai Chi Fa Jin Analysis: Old Man Taiji

Postby windwalker on Sun Nov 14, 2021 11:40 am

robert wrote:
windwalker wrote:Would be interested in reading your thoughts on

“ fa qi” vs “ fa Jin”

I haven't been taught fa qi so I can't comment on it.

Thanks ;)

Was asking from an etymological view point similar to your write up on "fa jin"

For those working in TCM the term "fa qi" may be more familiar, making more sense.

Was curious reading your detailed write up on "fa-jin".

Things react with "same things"...often having no or little reaction with things, "not the same "
which may be a reason why some looking at a reaction based on one "thing" may not get it, if the reaction caused by another "thing:

Depending on ones practice, view point...the 3 outer powers or what is mentioned as "3 external outer cooperations" combine with the 3 "internal cooperations"
as mentioned.

some practices use the inner to make the outer stronger common in most CMA systems
others use the outer to make the inner stronger used by most CMA systems labeled as "internal"

the same outer movement can be used, with totally different inner way of expressing it.

often this is referred to as 3 outer and inner powers combined.....

Some prefer one method over the other....there is no "best" method, at the higher levels are even more distinct
Often limiting a practitioner, from crossing over to another practice based on a different method,
no matter how much effort is put into their bodies /minds are unable to transition
to one from the other...

Even among methods termed internal the type and way it's expressed it can be quite distinct.

historically there are examples of this.


enjoy reading different viewpoints....sharing some thoughts of my own

Thought the clip was very good giving a good understanding from the "teachers" view point
The translation by Anthony, also very good allowing others to have some understanding of what they'er watching
not able to follow what the teacher is saying...
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Re: Tai Chi Fa Jin Analysis: Old Man Taiji

Postby robert on Sun Nov 14, 2021 12:36 pm

windwalker wrote:enjoy reading different viewpoints....sharing some thoughts of my own

As do I.
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