Chen Taijiquan Integrating Form & App. Method — Nabil Ranné

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Chen Taijiquan Integrating Form & App. Method — Nabil Ranné

Postby marvin8 on Sun May 01, 2022 10:23 am

Chen-Stil Taijiquan / Taichi Netzwerk Deutschland
Apr 29, 2022

This is a twofold video in which I explain a movement from the second road (paochui) of Chen Taijiquan and then I show some applications from these movements. So in the first part it is more about the functional and applicable bodywork which trains certain forces/jin routes in the body, the second part is more about the martial work and how to use these forces/jin. This is not a self defense scenario or anything like that, it is more an exploration of how forces/jin are being applied in a technical sense. These exercises comprise the application training (yongfa) of Taijiquan and connect the bodywork and the martial work with one another so they become one.

The movements I use here are "煞腰压肘拳 Stopping with the waist and pressing down with elbow and fist" and "井揽直入 Seizing the well and entering directly".

More info on what we do:

Don't try at home or in an unsafe environment!

00:00 Explanation of the bodywork
04:55 Explanation of the martial work

Internal Fighting Arts 51 - Nabil Ranne
Aug 15, 2020

Ken Gullette talks Taiji with Nabil Ranne, an instructor in Berlin, Germany who is a disciple of Chen Yu. Nabil is the co-founder of the Chen Style Taijiquan Network Germany. He also has a Ph.D. in sports science. In this interview, Nabil talks about practicing Chen Style Taiji, understanding gongfu culture, differences between the Chen Village and Beijing lines of Chen Taiji, and training with Chen Yu. ... abil-ranne
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