yiquan master yao zongxun

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yiquan master yao zongxun

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Master Yao Zongxun (1917-1985), was one of most important successor and excellent disciples of Grand Master Wang Xiangzhai. He trained Yiquan under Grand Master Wang Xiangzhai in 1937. He came to fame in the 1940s with great conscientiousness and hard training in Yiquan after training for only three short years. He gained great favor with Grand Master Wang Xiangzhai at the time. He was granted the name of “Jixiang” in 1941 by Grand Master Wang Xiangzhai with the great expectation that he would promote this art in the future.

The following video, from the private collection of Shifu Changrong Ph.D. It was filmed by Master Yao Zongxun back in 1981. The result is a precious resource for Yiquan practitioners today. This video displays extremely high level techniques in this particular school of martial arts. It is a classic demonstration of Yiquan Stances, Testing Power, Fraction Step and Release of Power by Master Yao Zongxun.

Observing Master Yao's wonderful performance in this video, one can see how excellent he really was, even in his 60s. Please comment below and let me know your thoughts, opinions and questions. I am would love to hear what you think. Peace & Love!
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