"Eating the Sun" - Qi Yang and Restoration

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"Eating the Sun" - Qi Yang and Restoration

Postby Bob on Tue May 24, 2022 11:46 am

Early morning facing the sun and late evening facing the setting sun - hmmm vitamin D LOL

Basic stuff learned in 1988 or so - no questions just had us do it LOL


Qi Yang and Restoration":

A health-preserving exercise vigorously promoted by Master Liu Yunqiao in his later years. It is said to have been passed down by Baotian, the ancestor of Gong Shizu. Although the movements are simple, it is easy to learn and difficult to master, because when performing the exercise, you must cooperate with breathing, exhaling and inhaling. The guiding air machine circulates inside and outside, ups and downs, it is a rare health preservation book.
Its main action is "Hunyuan Pile", which first relaxes the mind and clears the mind, then from the inside out, from Wuji to Taiji, then follows the two ceremonies, the four images, the eight trigrams, and the sixty-four trigrams to the end; then from the end of the six. Fourteen hexagrams, gossip, four images, and two rituals, and finally return to Taiji. This cycle goes on and on. If you can practice diligently and experience the samadhi, you will definitely benefit physically and mentally.


According to the "Palace Bagua Internal and External Exercises" written by Mr. Xi Jiajun, the "Burning Qi and Blood" method was taught by the master of the palace, Baotian. more effective.
For some reason, there are few practitioners of this exercise, and I have been studying in the martial arts coaching class for nearly ten years, and I have no chance to see it.
Later, I was fortunate to study the "Burning Qi and Blood" exercises written by Mr. Xi Jiajun in "The Complete Works of Master Liu Yunqiao, No. 9 - Health Cultivation Techniques" edited by Mr. Xu Qiude, and found that its content is slightly different from that taught by Mr. Zeng, but its essentials are the same as those taught by Master Zeng. The connotation is generally similar. Recently, due to the group purchase of "Gong-style Bagua Internal and External Exercises" with students from the Science Museum, Hiking and Changhua Coaching Field, the students are taught this set of exercises based on the content and moves in the book. If you are interested in learning, you can buy the book "Internal and External Works of Gong Style Bagua" written by Mr. Xi Jiajun from Yiwen Publishing House and study it by yourself.


In 2010, in order to teach the students to split the palms in the training grounds of the Science Museum and the hiking training grounds, he compiled a set of basic split skills for warm-up and basic skills training. Beginners practice the split palm, so I made a short video to share it with you.
In this set of exercises, the first movement is double swing, the third movement is double split, the fourth movement is double hug, the fifth movement is clap and the ninth movement is the wheel, for the previous practice in Fengjia Canghai Wushu Club and Wutan Wushu Promotion Center The basic movements that must be practiced in the palm of the hand; the second movement, the swinging hand, and the eighth movement, double support, are based on the six methods of master Liu Yunqiao's body; The split is a continuous action of splitting and hanging two oolong pans and double splits; the sixth movement, cutting and swing, is a self-programmed movement to correspond to the seventh movement.
Among them, the double swing is the active shoulder, and the hand swing is the active waist; the hand swing, double split, and double hug are the row hitting; The coordination of the trunk and the feet is the coordination of the upper plate and the lower plate.

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