Qi La La vs Disrespectful MMA Guy & Potentially Rigged Venue

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Qi La La vs Disrespectful MMA Guy & Potentially Rigged Venue

Postby marvin8 on Mon Aug 15, 2022 8:45 am

Fight Commentary Breakdowns
Aug 15, 2022

Qi La La had a very tough, entertaining, and controversial match against one of his MMA arch-rivals (Lee Yu Sheng aka Li Yu Sheng aka A-Sheng aka 李育昇). In this kickboxing match, Li Yu Sheng illegally throws Qi La La twice, and also spends the entire three rounds disrespecting Qi La La. Qi La La holds his own and takes at least one of the rounds; however, the scores don't seem to reflect that. After what appears to be an unfair decision by the judges, a fourth round is added and Qi La La seems to win that round too. However, as you will see by the final judging, the results made Qi La La cry later. I brought in cohost Rob for this commentary to provide even more objective analysis. Either way, I will go on the record and say I don't think the judges ruling for the match was fair. It really makes the Taiwanese Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA circuits look amateur. We all know many traditional martial arts need improvement, and this channel has been at the forefront of discussing many of those viral clips that got people to think twice about believing in bullshido. However, blatantly disrespecting such a hardworking and committed martial artist like Qi La La for the sake of entertainment and laughs is just low. That's my opinion. I welcome the venue and Li Yu Sheng leave a comment and provide us more context please!

0:00 Introduction to rivalry 比赛介绍
0:22 Round 1 第一回合
4:38 Round 2 第二回合
8:46 Round 3 第三回合
12:19 Initial Decision 裁判记分胜负
13:24 Round 4 第四回合
17:13 Final Decision 最终胜负
17:30 Final Thoughts 赛后想法

Original event that we commentated (Qi La La's match is at the two hour eight minute mark):
Serious shoutout to Qi La La for putting himself out there and taking on Li Yu Sheng for the third time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Lzjh ... sTVOFMk-Ag
Rob for commentating: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGtkLL ... Jvuz_Bgs0g

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