Yang Jun Answers - Who Started Yang Style Taijiquan?

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Re: Yang Jun Answers - Who Started Yang Style Taijiquan?

Postby nicklinjm on Wed Sep 21, 2022 6:56 pm

@everything, the reason for the interest is that what is practiced under sub-lines of Yang style taichi can vary tremendously, to the point that they could be considered separate arts. Standing postures, spear work, Yang family baduanjin, the 2-man sanshou sets, etc - whether you will practice or have even heard of these depends a lot on which sub-line you are in.

Agree that talk of 'lines' doesn't make much sense when compared to standardised modern sports such as [sport] karate or judo....the more apt comparison is to Japanese koryu where they also discriminate between different lines of, say, aikijujutsu or kenjutsu, and for the same reason - the huge variance in curriculum.
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Re: Yang Jun Answers - Who Started Yang Style Taijiquan?

Postby everything on Wed Sep 21, 2022 7:10 pm

interesting, thanks. aren't they supposed to do the same thing? have the same principles? shisanshi? guess that's why divergence is even more interesting...
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Re: Yang Jun Answers - Who Started Yang Style Taijiquan?

Postby wayne hansen on Thu Sep 22, 2022 1:38 pm

It’s fine saying each line has different things if those things weren’t there for a reason
Take the san shou 88 movement forms
If they are not practiced there is a certain thing that is lacking in the curriculum
Each thing was put there for a reason
Not saying you can’t gain skill without them
Just that there is a certain path of knowledge missing
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