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Postby GrahamB on Mon Sep 19, 2022 1:51 am

Anybody been watching ADCC 2022? (The Olympics of Grappling)

Fantastic matches. Most of which are on YouTube now

Loved Lachlan Giles vs Kade Ruotolo

Ffion Davies became the first UK ADCC champ - go Wales!

Mica Galvao was great, so was Craig Jones.

Gordan Ryan was just ridiculously dominant all the way through.

No Tai Chi push hands masters made it to the finals, or even the competition... :)
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Postby Steve James on Tue Sep 20, 2022 8:01 am

Actually, I did watch. Yep, the guy with the grey beard is a baaad man. No tcc master is going to pick on him.

He looks tireless for a big man. The final with Galvao was great. How he got the left arm pinned, I don't think I'll ever understand. But, after that, the outcome seemed inevitable.
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Postby cloudz on Tue Sep 20, 2022 12:52 pm

been too busy getting mesmerised by the woo woo.
I've been training to "sung" so well, that my brain fell clean out of my butt.

not to mention the qi building's going so great, when I blink, the picture on the tv shimmers.
It was a miracle me and the mrs got through house of the dragon last night.
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