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Postby Trick on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:21 am

I find the concept of synchronicity an interesting topic, but this is more about a topic I was thinking about yesterday night. Yesterday evening while at the home of my (Chinese) aunt, I was 'forced' to watch some Chinese opera on TV. Of course I have noticed it before but yesterday night came to think more about it - The exaggerated hand signs/formations of the opera players and how it seem to be used to focus their mental/visual expressions during the play, I came to think about the 'Kuji-Kiri' found in Japanese traditions and Mudras In Buddhism. I do not know much about the practice and meaning of these things but decided I would look it up the next day(today). But I had totally forgot about it until I went on RSF where a thread and a link about the Five Ancestor style of gongfu led me back to my forgotten topic- hand signs. ... lignments/ Quite fascinating, hand signs, and synchronicity.
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