The shredding of PBS

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The shredding of PBS

Postby KEND on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:13 am

Sorry to harp on this harassment issue but each day brings shocking revelations and one particular trend is disquieting. A few years ago it was a mantra of the left/liberals that the sleaze, the hypocrisy was synonymous with the evangelistic right. It was no surprise when anyone associated with Fox was outed as a degenerate. Public broadcasting was the acme of righteousness, providing quality broadcasting, the arts, music, impartial interviews, promotion of minorities etc etc. Then something changed, even a right wing conspiracy could not have dreamed this up. The icons started falling like a line of dominoes. In the past we had Woody Allen, Polanski, this was regarded as an unfortunate aberration because we are after all the good guys, exuding moral superiority, keeping the barbarians at bay. But it kept coming: Spacey, Weinstein, Rose, The praire guy, Levine , Franken and now Lopate and Jonathan Schwartz, hey I've been listening to this guy for years, his enthusiasm for Sinatra and the great American songbook was infectious. So WTF is going on, our icons had feet of clay, hubris has brought them down.
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Re: The shredding of PBS

Postby Steve James on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:32 am

I think you meant NPR, not PBS. Though, the question is not why but why we should be surprised. People are people.
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